Will I always have anxiety?

Maybe, but with help and support, the things you have struggled with up until this point do not have to take over the rest of your life. There is no way to guarantee how anxiety will continue to impact you; however, lots of people recover from anxiety and learn coping skills to deal with it. Even if it stays present in your life, it can get better.

Just like anything else, there are limited things you can control. Being diagnosed with an anxiety disorder means that you are more likely than other people to continue to deal with anxiety. This is not your fault and does not make you bad or weak. Within your control are the ways to cope and strategize moving forward. This means:

  • Learn your triggers. Think about the things that contribute to or worsen your anxiety. This could be relationships, events, stress, or any number of things. Eliminate unnecessary stressors or explore coping strategies for ones you can’t or don’t want to eliminate.

  • Explore what works for you. Therapy, medication, diet, exercise, yoga, and art are among the things that people find helpful in their recovery. While people can offer advice and input about what has worked for them, it’s important to discover what combination of things are best for you.

  • Reach out when you need to. Whatever you may be experiencing, continue to reach out to friends, family, professionals, or support when you need to.

  • Find things you enjoy! Anxiety does not have to be the only thing in your life! Find things you enjoy, projects you want to work on, careers you may want to pursue, relationships and friendships that are important to you, topics you want to learn more about, etc. Plenty of people with anxiety live full, meaningful lives. You can do that, too.

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