Is depression curable?

Theresa Nguyen, Mental Health America

When something is curable – it means that if you treat it, it will never come back again unless you catch that illness again.

We wish there was a different answer....but there is no cure for depression.

Some people have depression once in their life and it goes away and doesn’t come back. One study found that 45% of people had depression once in their life, while 55% experienced depression multiple times. For people who experience depression multiple times (called recurring depression), symptoms might get better at times and get worse at others, but it doesn’t ever feel like depression is gone.

Depression is treatable.

Not having a cure doesn't mean that people need to suffer from depression.  Depression is treatable. Even though you have depression, you can do things to feel better.

Here are is a short overview of some of the things you'll find on our website:

1) You can learn more about depression or hear what others are saying about what mental illness feels like.

2) You can do some work on your own - to tackle negative thoughts and feelings or even play this game.

3) You can talk to someone one on one or on an app.

4) You can also explore more traditional treatment options like therapy and medications.




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