Is this condition forever? Will I always feel this way?

Kelly Davis, Mental Health America

People’s experiences vary. Some struggle over a shorter period of their lives and don’t feel that way or have those experiences again. Others may struggle off and on, and have short or long periods of time without struggling. While others struggle with lingering negative experiences or significantly negative experiences for longer periods.

There is no way to tell which of these will happen for you. The best thing to do is to focus on how to address the things that are challenging and impact your ability to do what you want to do. Take small steps.  Some days there will be setbacks. But these are not failures.  Focus on how you’re doing overall. How are you doing today as compared to six months ago, not as compared to yesterday or last week. Recovery from a mental health condition does not mean that you never struggle or have a challenging experience again. Recovery is about figuring out the tools and skills you need to live a meaningful life.

Especially when you aren’t doing well, it can feel like you have a massive task ahead of you and things will never get better. You might feel like the only person in the world who is dealing with this problem. But there are countless people who are diagnosed with mental health conditions or who struggle a lot but go on to live full, productive lives. The goal is to come out of adversity eventually feeling stronger and more secure in who you are.

It can help to read about or talk to people who have had similar experiences and see what works for them. It’s also important to research different options and discuss them with any professional you might be working with, too. Even though it can be challenging, people recover. Whether you live the rest of your life free from intense mental health struggles or it becomes a regular part of your experience, you can have a great life, too.  

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